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What is an Interfaith / Interspiritual Minister?

(Reverend Gary’s Vision and Mission)

An interfaith / interspiritual minister assists people of all faiths and paths – religious, spiritual, and secular – to discover and deepen one’s unique and authentic relationship to one’s wise Inner Self and to that larger something, beyond oneself – call it the Divine, God, Love, or whatever is one’s sacred Source of meaning, truth, and strength. As an interfaith/interspiritual minister, I honor and engage the vast diversity of faiths, beliefs, traditions, and life experiences, and seek to discern the deeper unity and universal truths in them. My work is grounded in the underlying common values of love, compassion, kindness, peace, forgiveness, respect, tolerance, humility, curiosity, open-mind and open-heart, and “do no harm.” I serve people primarily as companion, mirror, guide, and educator, toward the following spiritual and life aims:

  • Harmonize one’s inner and outer life, and more deeply attune it to sacred Source
  • Increase joy; Ease pain and suffering
  • Embrace and celebrate the milestones, transitions, and sacred in life
  • Discern life meaning and purpose
  • Support healing and growth
  • Transform conflict
  • Address challenges around personal goals, self-image, love, relationships/family, work, health.

Reverendo Gary hace ceremonias de boda en español, también.

(Reverend Gary does wedding
ceremonies in Spanish, too.)

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Toward these aims, I dedicate myself to serving all individuals, groups, and communities, without regard to race, religion, socioeconomic status, nationality, ethnic background, political affiliation, physical ability, sexual orientation, gender or age. And, in order to be most effective and authentic in serving others, I commit to my own ongoing spiritual development and personal healing work.

For more, click here for Rev. Gary’s Guiding Principles and Code of Ethics


Spiritual counseling, chaplaincy, worship services, sermons and religious/spiritual observances.


Custom-designed personalized wedding ceremonies true and meaningful for each couple.


Rituals honoring and celebrating life milestones and transitions.


Embracing death through accompanying, honoring, grieving, & staying connected afterwards. Embracing death as part of life.


Building sustainable peace by integrating personal development, spirituality/faith, and communal connection.


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