A Safe and Caring Place to Hold and Nurture Each Other Right Now

This past Sunday a colleague and I facilitated a post-election gathering for over 2 hours at my local Unitarian Universalist Church, near Hartland Vermont, to talk about what’s going on for each of us in the aftermath of the presidential election and to look at some possibilities for moving forward. 21 people were there – a good attendance for such short notice

The primary objective of the gathering was to provide a safe and caring space for people to share their thoughts, feelings, and concerns about the election results, particularly in regards to the huge political divide and social polarization that the results highlighted. In so doing, we wanted to lessen the sense of aloneness that many of us feel, as well as to facilitate healing and to encourage a sense of hope and connection among people, regardless of any differences between us. (The whole community was invited, included those who were happy about the election results).